This book is honest and transparent in dealing with sexual issues

Posted Nov 29, 2019 in Comforter Feedback

I personally have spent my teenage years and 20’s seeking comfort in women. I have battled with lust which included pornography and related things. I became a Christian in my early 20s and little changed except that I did not actively date any women and prayed that God would send the right one into my life at the right time. The guilt of dealing with these issues was crushing and debilitating at times. Once I became a Christian I desired an intimate relationship with a Godly woman. Little did I know the very thing I wanted I was actually sabotaging.

This author addresses the heart of the issue of our needs as men and women and deals with issues of sexuality, sex, and relationship dynamics between men and women. The author does so through an honest and transparent discussion of his own experience and those of the men and couples he has counseled. As a man I can relate to the wrestles and temptations that the author has wrestled with in his own life.

The book focuses on the ultimate question: what makes us valuable? Do we need something external from our partners, like sex, to feel valuable? What is the purpose of sex in marriage? What does this subject have to do with the behavior and well being of our children? Ultimately, Where do we find comfort?

If we as men and women find our value in the right source mind games between men and women, jostling for superiority in a relationship, disappointed expectations, resentment, and feelings of emptiness or worthlessness will cease.

The solution to the problem: Reclaim our God given manhood and womanhood which is founded in a knowledge of the True Comforter, Jesus Christ, and the God of all comfort, His Father. This book provides you with the framework to do just that and the principles contained in this book have been vital in my own journey to becoming the man God has called me to be.

Ben Kramlich, Green Lake, WI