A Completely Fresh Point of View

Posted Dec 24, 2019 in Comforter Feedback
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Just at a time when a few of the “purity culture” proponents are giving up their teachings and accepting that maybe what they taught is not the answer to achieving happily-ever-after relationships, the book Comforter comes along with a completely fresh point of view. The book Comforter is unique in that, while it does talk about purity, sex and marital relationships, it does not focus on “rules and formulas”, but rather on the Person of Jesus Christ as the ultimate Comforter for humanity. Each of us longs for love, acceptance and comfort, and we look for it wherever we believe we will find it. Most people search for comfort in food, sex and entertainment, but this kind of comfort does not satisfy the soul, and it leaves us feeling empty. When we learn to find our ultimate comfort in Christ, then the pleasures of life will find their proper place in our lives. Sex and relationships will no longer be for the selfish purpose of finding personal comfort through them, but rather for fulfilling God’s desire that humanity be “fruitful”. This change of focus, from “finding personal comfort and pleasure” to “being fruitful” through the comfort of Christ, will completely revolutionize relationships, and it will bring the restoration and comfort that every human being deeply desires. What does it mean to “be fruitful”? How does this benefit us, our families, and our society? What prevents us from being fruitful? Why are male and female relationships so often frustrating and less than satisfying, when each of us longs to belong, and to experience love and acceptance? What does “being fruitful” have to do with being “comforted”, since the title of the book is, after all, “Comforter”? You will find the answers in this book. As you read, allow yourself to be challenged and blessed. And, as the author reminds us several times, we need to read this book with the mindset that “God our Father loves us and does not condemn us.” Our Father wants to heal us and to restore us, so that each of us can find true comfort and rest in the Ultimate Comforter, who is Christ. With our souls overflowing with the comfort of Christ, we will be a blessing to our families and our community. We will not need to search for comfort where there is no fulfilment. May the reading of this book be as much of a blessing to you as it was to me. May it help you to find Christ, your Comforter.

Marlise, Argentina.