Author Sean Sutton
Published Jun 29, 2024
Pages 234
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Ever felt caught in a cosmic tug-of-war? You're not alone. We're all part of a massive battle for the mind, with two major players vying for our allegiance: Christ and Satan.

The crux of this cosmic controversy? A fundamental disagreement about God's character:

  • Satan portrays God as capricious, selfish, and violent.
  • Christ reveals God's true nature: selfless, loving, and non-violent.

It's a classic case of "he said, he said," but with eternal consequences.

Throughout history, we've witnessed the clash between:

  • Christ's kingdom of selfless love, freedom, and non-violence
  • Satan's kingdom of selfishness, oppression, and coercion

But how does this ancient conflict relate to our modern world? As we explore historical patterns, unsettling parallels emerge between past kingdoms and current political movements.


  1. How does our view of God shape our worldview and, subsequently, society?
  2. Can misinterpreting God's character lead to the corruption of entire institutions?
  3. Are we at risk of repeating history in our time?

From Eden to Armageddon, God's character remains central to the cosmic conflict:

  • In Eden: Two trees symbolized the opposing sides
  • In the end: Two marks will represent the final choice

"Forbidden Fruit: When Obeying God Becomes Illegal" takes you on a journey through biblical narratives, historical patterns, and current events. It challenges us to consider: How can we ensure we're on the right side of this cosmic controversy?

Dive into this pressing issue bridging ancient prophecies and today's political controversies in America. The insights may transform not only your view of God but also how you engage with the world around you.