Author Sean Sutton
Published Nov 15, 2023
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Step into the realms of a gripping conflict that has stirred the minds of atheists, agnostics, and believers alike. Within this pamphlet lies a revelation of the age-old dispute surrounding the character of God. Brace yourself for a profound exploration of the clash of ideologies that traces its origins to the celestial realm.

The battle lines are drawn and the veil is lifted on the war that commenced in heaven. This is not a conventional war of weapons and armies, but a battle of ideas and principles. Lucifer, the fallen angel, cunningly sowed seeds of doubt, launching a relentless smear campaign against God's character.

Journey through the ancient texts that reveal Lucifer's rebellion, his audacious claims, and his great accusations against the Most High. Witness the pivotal moment when God, in His wisdom, presented a unique choice to address the controversy—a choice that would ultimately rest upon the judgment of mankind.