Published Mar 15, 2024
Pages 300
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Behold the Lamb delves into important inquiries surrounding the character of God and the true nature of His law. Through a comprehensive examination of the scriptures, this treatise challenges the prevalent theories in Christianity that portray God as a dictatorial figure who imposes arbitrary and capricious decrees. The book argues that God's law reflects the intrinsic order of creation and mirrors His eternal, unchanging attributes of love and nonviolence. It examines how Satan has sought to distort humanity's perception of God's law and character by casting ambiguity upon the genuine nature of sin.

By reconciling God's actions in the Old Testament with Christ's character in the New Testament, the manuscript aims to dispel contemporary notions that label God as a harbinger of death and destruction. Rather, it is argued that sin has the ability to cause death and destruction all on its own, without any intervention from God.

Ultimately, the author suggests that by perceiving God the Father through the lens of Christ, we begin to dismantle the relics of pagan doctrine that continue to plague Christendom. 

Key themes include distinguishing between natural and imposed law, unraveling God's wrath and justice from a punitive paradigm, presenting an alternative view to the widely accepted theory of penal substitutionary atonement, and exploring Christ's mission to reveal the Father's benevolent nature.