A masterpiece describing a proved and working formula

Posted Jan 04, 2018 in Divine Pattern of Life Feedback
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A masterpiece describing a proved and working formula. The fundamental blueprint and pattern for all life as the Creator in His infinite wisdom had ordained it. The divine pattern of life describes how the relationship between the Father and Son, source and channel sets the benchmark and standard for all other relationship of things created visible and invisible. It is the A and the Z of the English alphabet and everything in between, the very fact of life. The same way without the Word there was nothing created that was created similarly there is a formula to all created beings without and outside of which there was nothing created and this happens to be it.

In this series a description is given of what went terribly wrong and how this blueprint was broken and continues being shattered to this day leading to desolation in society, from the well being of a family unit and its members, the headship submission relationship sustained between them and society at large, all the way to the headship submission relation between mind and body of an individual; and the reason to there being serious health issues and lifestyle diseases due to the violation of this simple rule. The answer to all literally all the ills of society today is contained between these pages.

From this work I come to appreciate why we are told specifically in the spirit of prophecy how “The more nearly one imitates this divine pattern the more surely will he make himself an object of Satan’s attack.” With that said the hope given in finding the divine pattern though contending with supernatural forces, we are given the assurance of supernatural aid. I have found that though the book is quite taxing initially with the descriptions of the great phenomenon of nature taking place in various parts of the world in the opening pages the book especially because one has to use his imagination to draw pictures and imagine those parts, it gives a guide the very basic steps to Christ - the how to - to having a fruitful and delightful Christian walk, falling upon the chief corners stone and totally breaking. Teaches simply living a life in honor of the source and channel to life.

It explains beautifully God’s plan on how the hills and mountains will be brought low and the valleys brought up, to the restoration and uplifting of humanity, then shall we see the glory of the Lord. The message indeed is something worth spending once life on, the reason I personally have signed up as well J I don’t care what is the cost.

Can there be a pattern in the promise of the seed to the woman first mentioned in the garden, our mother Eve and then Mary later on making manifest the seed? Some four millenniums later as well? And sad how in Catholicism this channel (Mary) today is exalted way above that source(if there is the pattern) And what about the two females being passive agents to the seed as well, and the invisible sources in both instances.

We truly are grateful and praise the Lord for such precious messages, That the Lord bless you and the ministry is our earnest plea.  

Tommy, South Africa