A Poem to the Virtuous Wife at the End of Time

Posted Dec 17, 2022 in Original Love
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This is especially dedicated
To an Amazing Women of Great Worth--
A Wife in a Postmodern Time
---By Gil Castor---

And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. (Genesis 2:18)
Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. (Proverbs 31:10)

You, woman, try to build up your man.
You're his help meet, right?
Don't demand from him anything that he can not give.
He's been destroyed too.
And he is wounded and in need of a healing balm. He needs acts of sympathy, not words of apathy.

He's been demoralized by deceitful knowledge.
Popular educational training has destroyed his masculinity and humanity.
His role has been disoriented, which makes him confused.
He's been under attacked by a fierce enemy.
And he's losing now his identity in society.

He needs to be restored in his true position.
Through you--his only committed partner,
He needs to realize his real dysfunctional condition.
You're one flesh, right?
Let him see his other side.
Let him look around and see the reality.
Give him freedom to think, act and say what he wants for the family.
Do this most important thing for him.
He's been troubled by life challenges as high as lofty mountains.
He needs someone to cheer him up, not someone who will ice him and tear him down.

Please understand that...
He is incapable of building a perfect home if he came from one that is broken.
He can't be a good husband or a good father if he hasn’t seen one before, or know how they are.
He can’t express love the way you expect if he did not experienced it while he was a child.
He can't say sorry if he is not used to it because no one has told him to.

He can not build a house because he held a pen and a book in his training in school,
rather than a saw and a hammer.
He can not plow a field because he was taught for work in an office,
That he may cloth himself with a white collar suit rather than that of a farmer.

You, woman, are an ocean wave that tosses up a boat to keep it from sinking into the deep.
You, woman, are the wind beneath a man's wings.
You, woman, are the bird that sings sweet notes at twilight.
You, woman, are the vast green grasses of the field.
You, woman, are the apple of the eye of the sweet home you cherished.
You, woman, are the natural sweet savor of dried dates.
You, woman, are the queen in the home.
Your words are powerful.
Your actions are influential.
Your love is tender and your care is unmatched.

With a strong faith,
Your mighty hands can heal the diseased body of your child.
Your sweet words are like a melody of praise to your erring children.
You are greatly honored and respected.
Your life is a blessing to your home.

A weak man is built up by a principled woman.
Simple yet honorable women win the respect of great men because they are true to their principles.
They are:
Women who know where to position their feelings.
Women whose intellect and reason channel their emotion.
When they lift up truth and fear their Creator, they are truly praised!!!

What a wonderful feeling to be in a home and a world with such real virtuous woman.