A Unique book that will help everyone in their relationships

Posted Nov 27, 2019 in Comforter Feedback
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I wish I could have had the ‘Comforter’ as a guide when I was 18 years old or even before I ever thought about getting married, then I would have made better choices. I would have made God my Comforter instead of looking for comfort in food, sexual relationships. I would recommend the ‘Comforter’ to any person from the age 18 and older, especially for the broken-hearted and those who did not had a stable childhood and God being the centre of their lives. This book is helping me with my relationship with God, our Father and His Son, Jesus Christ and in making better decisions in my lifestyle. I feel the writer has closed the gap in literature for non-Christians and Christian. I feel that this book is unique and will help non-Christians in finding a better relationship or understanding of God. Therefore I recommend this book to teachers, marriage-counselors, pastors, missionaries, lay-man and even phyciatrists and social workers. – E. Cooper, Cape Town, RSA