First Rays of Light

Posted Jan 07, 2018 in My Beloved
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I woke up in the early hours of the morning with some earthly worries  - worries which kept my adrenaline levels fairly high, even during precious times of rest in the night hours. There were some pressing questions on my mind. I was exposed to some teachings from the writings of AT Jones, EJ Waggoner and Adrian Ebens. Details of the teachings could not make sense to me and this troubled me. Here and there I grasped some new insights, as precious few rays of new light, as I began to understand the precious messages of the law of God running parallel to the love of God.

Now, in the quiet night hours, I took up the booklet from Adrian, called My Beloved, and continued reading the book where I had left it the previous night.

When I got to the section on the Father, describing the Father of Love, some more of the precious rays of the new light came shining out from the pages of the booklet. WOW! I got up from bed (not to disturb my husband) and went to the lounge where I sat down to meditate on the new insights that flooded my soul. Is THIS the God that I serve?  A God of love and mercy? Is He really willing to betroth me as a sinner – as a daughter of Adam - to His precious Son, so that I can become a child of the Ancient of Days???  So that I can take on the characteristics of the Father of Love?

This was too much for me mind to digest. I started pacing the floor.  I asked God to rather dim this new light, as this was too much for me – my spiritual eyes were almost “blinded” by the new insights…

The next moment I did not know why I was pacing the lounge floor in the middle of the night. What am I doing here? I could not remember what I read that excited me so much that it caused me to leave the comfort of a warm bed. Slowly the details of the booklet “My Beloved” came back, as well as my anguish about the new rays of light, and the request made by myself to God that He must please dim the spiritual light…. And I realised that this precious light had GONE OUT!  I fell to my knees as I realised that I cannot live without this light. I need these precious insights into the love of the Father because it contains life which I need to live by. I pleaded with God to bring the precious understanding of His Love back to my mind… He graciously granted that request, and I could clearly recall the strong impressions of this Love of the Father in a way that I have never seen before. And I rejoiced in it! I rejoiced as I sat in a clear ray of light shining from heaven to where I was J

An afterthought: Could it possibly be that my lack of faith in a loving heavenly Father could have caused me to shrink back from this close experience with God?  Is it possible that I lack an understanding about God’s love, acceptance and the worth that He places on me?

This experience made me realise the sensitivity of the issues at hand when proclaiming the precious last message from the Father of Love to his people on earth.  I realised that a well-developed set of bible studies cannot provide the heart experience that God plans for each of his people who are seeking after His heart. But the way can be pointed out to these truth seekers. Some guidance can be given to people who are blinded by preconceived ideas which do not originate from biblical sources.

I am thankful and I rejoice in these revelations to my heart, sent by the precious Spirit of God, like precious rays of light. I trust God for more of His loving kindness in my life. 

Nina, South Africa