It's Making Sense (Identity Wars review by Mildred)

Posted Nov 28, 2022 in Identity Wars Feedback
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Allan shared Identity Wars with a young 22 year old lady named Mildred (in Kenya). This is their conversation on WhatsApp, and then her review:

(Allan had asked her some questions about where she gets her value)
MIldred: I think this is an area I really struggle in. I am always afraid of offending God by what I do or what I say...what happens is I am in constant guilt...with a feeling of being unloved and as a result I withdraw from God. I think I struggle to please God through my own ability, which I cant anyway.

Allan: Greetings dear sister. This is our identity: "We are beloved sons and daughters of God." Our Father in Heaven defines our value. It is His assessment of us that defines our worth. If you're certain that God loves His beloved Son, Jesus Christ (who received all things from His Father - Danny's Note), then you can be certain that He loves you." When the Spirit of Christ abides in you, the you will know the love of the Father just as Christ knows the love of the Father.

Mildred reads Identity Wars and writes this:

I am Mildred, 22 years old. I met this person Allan in a group (note: WhatsApp group I think) and he happened to share some quotes in the group that really encouraged me at a time when everything was so difficult in my life. I decided to direct mesage him and thank him for sharing the quote since it was so inspiring.

He then asked me if I had across a book by the name Identity Wars. I requrested him if he could share a PDF of the book and he sent it to me... That is when I got to have a chance to read it.

B4 I read the book, my expectations of it having a positive impact on my was very minimal, since I'd read books and articles about self-worth and value and they were not of any help. But I decided to give it a try.

Reading the book really impacted me positively. I learnt how to handle my spiritual conflicts about who God really is, how He works, and also got to understand his plans about me as his creation. Sine I read it, I've learnt to have self-worth and have it in mind that our Heavenly Father does not joy in our sorrows and infirmities, rather He's there to listen to our problems and is ready to lift our burdens for us.

I got to understand God's character by reading this book. He loves us and is waiting for us to see Him as a Father willing to help us, if we just ask.

I would really recommend the book to anyone who is need and suffering with their spiritual, mental, and physical life. Especially to youth, this book would do a positive change. Blessings