The Psychology of Identity Formation (By Miriam Muthoni)

Posted Aug 28, 2023 in Identity Wars Feedback
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The book Identity Wars

The title is obviously captivating. I came to learn about it from an article I read online written by Faith who thereafter shared the book. Living in a world filled with confusion, figuring out one’s identity (place and purpose in this world) is a great struggle, and only the brave and true led by the Lord emerge victorious.

The ideas in the book were interesting to me because I studied psychology in school. The psychologist "Erick Erickson" talks about developmental stages, and in the teenage years the most crucial thing is the Identity vs. Role confusion. During this stage, adolescents are trying to leave behind their childhoods and dip their feet into the waters of adulthood. They’re trying to find their place in society.

The goal of this developmental stage is identity formation. Teenagers will try different identities to see what works for them. Parents and society provide them with the templates to conduct these identity trials. These templates tell them who to be and how to behave…

With the above background I came to relearn much more about Identity Wars which range from childhood till one dies. Satan and His kingdom are in dire need of ensuring everyone partakes of the fruit of the forbidden tree, which results in total dependence on oneself rather than our creator. This is what the book refers to as life powered by the Duracell – and a Duracell battery eventually runs out (where as dependence on God is an infinite energy source, eternal life).

We're living in a world where self is highly exalted and no one cares about others. It's all about my achievement, what I have, who I know, and what I can do. Each day everyone is in the race of achieving something. Those who achieve are ok for a while but to losers (those who don’t achieve) depression sets in. This is why the diagnosis of depression is rapidly rising and mental health worsening day by day. God created us in His own image and He understands we are to face failure and success. But when failure sets in what should be our fate? As the writer highlights:

"It is important to remember that while members of God’s kingdom do not obtain their value from their achievements, they do still achieve. In fact they have the capacity to achieve much more because if they fail they do not have to face the fear of worthlessness. They are still loved, still children of God regardless of whether they succeed or fail. The kingdom of God offers you the best way to achieve your full potential without leaving your relationships in tatters and your value destroyed."

When we entirely depend on God He can clearly feel and perceive that we are His Children (1 John 3:1), and this gives us comfort and peace in the midst of all the trials of this life. We need not do anything to prove this but rather believe. And having this in mind, Satan will never get a chance of manipulating us to prove our identity.

I just loved how Christ lived in this world. He was born in a lowly background but He knew His worth and was sure God was with Him. Worldwide fame and wealth didn't bother Him because he clearly knew who He was: "the Son of God." That's why even in the desert when tempted He would clearly state the word and all along obeyed, never falling into the temptation of trying to prove His worth.

When we clearly understand the principles of the Kingdom of God, our lives will  drasically change and be transformed. We will rechannel our energy from pride, strife, competition (in which we practice to prove our worth) and we will be all loving and at peace with everyone as that is what outlines the Kingdom of God.

Life powered by Duracell is leading many into a depressive state where one isn't able to cope with the competition of this world. Christ’s life was totally contrasedt to the self-powered life of achievement that sinful humans life, and though He only lived 33 years His life was impactiful and remembered in all centuries. This is because He lived in accordance to the will of God, He knew His Worth and His life was centered in manifesting the powerful principles that guides this kingdom.

The question I pose to everyone is, "Who are you?” If unable to answer, then the book Identity wars will help unveil your identity in the best practical way ...

I'll forever be grateful for receiving the message and being able to share it with other people.


Miriam Muthoni