Shared Identity Wars with Mom (Janet in Kenya)

Posted Nov 30, 2022 in Identity Wars Feedback
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Having grace and love from God is a gift upon His beloved sons and daughters. Knowing yourself and walking with Him is a privilege.

I am Janet, 23 years old. I was raised by my mother in a small village in Kenya in a family of 9. It was our custom to go to church every Sabbath and I really liked it. My Christian foundation and walk with God was the most precious gift I got from my mum.

Though I had the foundation, as I grew up I needed to make a personal decision to accept Christ as my personal saviour. I did, and I have been walking with Christ ever since then.

I met Allan at a two week outreach program I  attended. As we continued to interact, I noticed he was sharing some books and one of them by the title Identify Wars got my attention.

Reading the book, I expected to learn much on how I could be able to know my self worth and to understand more about God's love upon his people. Having this positive mind, I learnt that finding true personal value in this world is a journey of faith and allowing God to mold me.

God's love and His character is clearly manifested in this book despite Satan's charges against God's love for humanity. I came to understand that it is unfailing; we only have to believe and be assured of His promises.

I shared this book to my mum and she also loved it. We have been reading together and sharing the experience. I have been reading more articles which have been of help and encouraging me spiritually.

My life has not been the same since reading this book and other articles. I have learnt that a young person who has realized his/her self value can stand firm in this corrupt world and hold the faith of Jesus. I'm happy to know this and to know God loves me. 

It is a wonderful message and if it can reach as many people as possible, depression and suicide cases will have no chance in our community since people will know their self worth, God's love upon them and have future hope. (Mat 11:28) "Come unto me, all ye that labour and heavy laden and I will give you rest". As we have heard the call of Christ, let us call others to hear his call. Amen.