AGAPE masterfully exposes the greatest deception of all time

Posted Jan 10, 2018 in Agape Feedback
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The book AGAPE masterfully exposes the greatest deception of all time; the mischaracterization of God.

Agape, is the DIVINE LOVE for humanity that can neither be bought or sold, is a DIVINE LOVE that is PERFECT, ever-flowing, ever-nourishing and ever-refreshing to the deeply desiring soul.

Agape is the only LOVE that offers humanity complete liberty; it is exemplified by its full and unconditional support for the individual souls’ freedom of choice, even if and despite the parental-type warnings with reproofs, the eventual consequences of those personal decisions drive toward an eternal separation from God.

Over the centuries God has been accused of being responsible for evil, pain, suffering and death. God the Father has been caricatured as a tyrannical leader, with omni-surveillance interest in being portrayed as a Clash of the Titans type of ruler-ship, by living vicariously through his creations’ emotional pain and suffering as played-out within the arena called Life.

This deity has been so fashioned in the spirit of superstitious Babylonian sacrificial appeasement, with the added philosophical overlays of a tragic Greek play and then further branded by Romish platitudes rooted in cognitive dissonance; essentially manipulative dogmas whose outcomes produce fear and intimidation, to force worship and avoid deific retributive consequences.

By contrast in trivializing, philosophizing or spiritualizing a man-god with our flawed nature, thoughts and behaviors, it ultimately works to justify maintaining the sin condition, by saying god is like humanity, and since he is like humanity and responsible for creation, he can in full consideration impart eternal life to all humanity.

AGAPE uses the Bible to extract, compare and expose the true Agape nature and intent of the Father and Son towards their noble creation - humanity.  As intelligent beings, how could humanity reasonably and without ill-will, give license to a god that in light of his proclaimed universal moral law, would himself not be accountable, this god is not worthy of any bent knee in worship.

Libel and slander have painted the picture of a vengeful wrathful Father, who commands mass slaughter, genocide and land-robbery in the Old Testament -  while His Son on earth exhibited the opposite nature by caring and tender love for humanity.

Humanity recognizes that there is more to know, than we already know and AGAPE requires an Honest and Intelligent Faith to test and understand the innate biases of humanity, with its anthropomorphism towards God.

Allowing the sword to cut both ways - the veil of God’s character is now rent from top to bottom, AGAPE allows an informed pivotal view, where a soul with this eye-salve can make a critical life decision – choose this day whom you will serve. 

AGAPE presents the Gospels’ last message of mercy, and while the world is searching for a worthy god, realizing a man-god will not solve global problems and unite humanity, AGAPE is similar to receiving a new prescription of eye-glasses that brings, the clarity and understanding needed as a first-step towards restoring and enhancing our loving relationship with true relatable divinity, God our Heavenly Father!

- Tony Pace, Vancouver