The Day I Found God (Identity Wars Review)

Posted Mar 24, 2022 in Identity Wars Feedback
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The book Identity Wars has truly been a blessing to me. I come from the Maasai community where my father was the first person to become a Christian. I on the other hand never truly understood God, and  this state of mind has really made me frantically searching for my identity. Not having the right guide I have struggled to understand my relationship to God just as Adam lost his identity as a beloved son of God in the beginning.

I can testify that the teachings found in this book are contrary to the normal belief in a God that is out to judge and to quickly condemn us to death. Coming back to Adam and Eve, I have learned that God did not immediately cut them off and leave them to death, but he looked for a way to break down of the barrier between him and his children through the execution of a plan that He had already put in place from the beginning .

Identity Wars has become one of my favorite books. This book will assist you with understanding what gives you esteem in your life: Is it the things you do with the aim of other people’s approval? Do you see yourself as not good at something, not well liked and not so useful; and does that mean that God values me less? Do I have life in myself or am I dependent on God for each breath I take?

It's not difficult to say we are reliant upon God, yet this book will show you regardless of whether you genuinely are experiencing this confidence or not.

I highly recommend this book to whoever wishes to know and to understand God in a beautiful new light, and come to know more about our Father of infinite love and blessings Who gave us an inconceivable GIFT.

Tobiko, 21, Kenya