Translator Transformed by Original Love

Posted Jan 14, 2018 in Original Love
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I poured myself into the translation of the booklet Original Love, and laboured into the night hours to finish the work. Precious insights into the Word of God and his intention for my marriage unfolded in my mind as I laboured through the translation work.  

I saw how I was playing the role that the enemy wants me to play in my most sacred relation on earth – with my husband. I saw the mistakes that I made - how the Eros love between the two of us has dominated and crushed our relationship and how that was causing grieve to the heart of God. I learnt the hard lesson (and I am STILL learning this lesson J) of submission to my earthly beloved, not for the sake of gaining anything, not even to gain my husband’s approval and love, but for the sake of appreciation for what God has given me - a wonderful husband with whom I can serve God.

What a privilege it was for me to learn so much about God’s loving and giving nature; to learn that I can do nothing to gain a beautiful life… but what a discouragement to find that my peers, studying the Word of God with me, did not see much of the worth that I was finding in these truths. So I prayed for the wisdom of God to share these truths. (… I only realised later on that I was not allowing my life to be conformed to these precious truths and therefore my testimony could not bear much fruit…)

Once finished with the translation of Original Love, it needed some proofreading. I approached one of my friends in our bible study group for help with this, because I knew that he has capabilities to point out typing errors.  He reluctantly agreed and returned the booklet sometime later. He had a question: “Where do I find more of these books?”  With a big smile I pointed out the website to him. He downloaded more books and printed out some of them to study through it. He changed over the following few months as he started to unearth the precious truths found on the pages. His bible opened up with new meaning and his positive participation in bible studies increased.

Mat 10:8 - “… freely ye have received, freely give.”

Nina Snyman, South Africa