untied the Gordian knott of the world view on Gods

Posted May 29, 2020 in Agape Feedback
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Simple refreshing and perilous to not know or understand. After years of being brought up by communistic ideologies of my father [eye for eye and retribution]  and then christian values [turn the other cheek] of my mother, I was stumped with apparent contradiction in the bible and Gods methods in dealing with “errors”.  This book systematically untied the “Gordian knott” of the world view on Gods methods in dealing with way ward children and brought a peace and practicality into my experience like I cant express.  It revolutionised on how I interact at home, work and with those who I perceive to be in error. It lifts ones concept of love to such a tremendous level, you feel challenged and rewarded at the same time.  A  solution to the unrest in our souls today. I was so impressed I have given out 4 case loads of this book already.

Tony - QLD - Australia