Who are you really? Do you know?

Posted Jan 01, 2018 in Identity Wars Feedback
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This book has the potential to transform the lives of countless millions of people who, if given the chance to read it, will experience the amazing results of KNOWING...truly knowing who they really are. The journey described in this narrative reaches back to the origins of life itself and the foundational principles of good and evil and how one LIE, believed and acted upon has morphed into innumerable facets of worthlessness...the core of false identity. There is indeed a WAR/WARS being fought daily in the corporate and individual lives of every human being on this planet. IDENTITY WARS takes you on a journey describing how the war/wars began and how the attrition rate is shockingly high regarding the victims who have been led down the false path of "value by performance, assets, material possessions and humanistic, godless worth." It contrasts the worthlessness of the LIE with the truth of "value by relationship" to a REAL Father of infinite love and blessings Who gave us an unspeakable GIFT. Our relationship based upon our recognizing/receiving this GIFT and believing what our TRUE IDENTITY is according to this Gift is the crux of the matter! This book is awesome....certain chapters brought episodes of weeping with unfettered response to the revelations of who I really am! Read this book! It will break the chains of worthlessness that may indeed have been forged to keep you enslaved to a lie that brings only depression, pain and death. The Road to Freedom and a joyous life beckons! The map is in this book. Be blessed....read this, get up and get going!

Michael. Florida USA