Wonderful Practical Family Principles

Posted Jan 19, 2018 in Life Matters
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I had the privilege of translating this book into Spanish, right when we were expecting our first child. I had expected the book to discuss the truth about God and His Son, but I was blown away by how many practical takeaways I got from this book. If you have a family or are planning to start one, I highly recommend this book. It opened up my understanding of what the role of the family is, how key it is for the father and mother to understand their relationship with each other and with their children, and how deeply our family relationships (or lack thereof) affect our lives and our sense of worth. I am deeply thankful to have read this book before the birth of our first child, as it has helped me form the right mindset with which to raise our family. Another unexpected takeaway (and not the main purpose of the book) I got from this book was to learn how our belief about who God really is affects all the key doctrines of our Adventist faith. Before reading this book, I had thought each doctrine simply hung on its own, and I couldn't see how they are all connected. Now I can see how our beliefs form a beautiful structure, and if we misunderstand one point, we will be unable to make sense of this structure.

This is a book about the plan that God has for families, and how, if fathers and mothers reflect the source-channel relationship that is in the Father and Son, our families can be true channels of blessing, giving our children a sense of worth and belonging. Don't we all long for that? The principles presented in this book are relevant to all of us, whether married or not (since we all belong to some kind of family structure). I was deeply blessed to read and translate this book- and I know that if you read it with an open heart, you will be blessed too.

Marlise Scheider, Argentina