Worth and Value ('Identity Wars' Review)

Posted Jul 30, 2021 in Identity Wars Feedback
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The book identity wars found me at an edge of giving up in life due to insecurity, fear of the unknown, desperately in need of approval and constant questions like who I am truly, does it matter what I do in life? and if really anyone cared about me due to my present situation! But thankfully, this book gave answers to my struggle for significance. It broke the constant belief and expectations that I had believed for quite some time that I have to rely on myself for my achievements which resulted in my painful experience, loneliness and worthlessness. My soul was longing for death since I was having jealous (selfish thoughts) wondering why other people are better than me. I questioned God why are wicked people flourishing and I had begun doubting His promises in life. It made me understand that everything we have comes from God as the source, then directly to us through His beloved Son as the channel. And in life we reap consequences of what we have sown.

What can I say? Praise God that in His kingdom, you are a citizen by simply believing you are a child of God by adoption regardless of the circumstances or difficulties in life, and this fact never changes. This blew my mind to know that I'm valued more than I thought. I get to a point like this and I just have to stop and think about Our Father and His Son and what they did for us that made heaven imperiled. The decision that Our Father was willing to take by giving us His only begotten Son even at risk of eternal loss to regain us back to Himself. I am glad that Jesus Christ has set me free from the power of worthlessness and has set my feet upon a solid rock of being identified as a child of God.

I would highly recommend this book to almost everyone. I think anyone can enjoy, and more importantly learn from it and be free indeed through Christ. If you want to truly know and identify your true identity and what defines you.... this book is for you.
Allan Gathoni, Kenya