You won't view your marriage the same way after reading this

Posted Jan 19, 2018 in Original Love
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In the light of my tenth wedding anniversary, I decided to (re)read this book Original Love. While the book focuses most on marriage relationships, the principles it presents are relevant to all of our relationships. This book answers the question of why human relationships are so often the source of frustration and pain and what the antidote for this is. In this book you will learn about Agape, which is the real love; the "original" love. Agape is perfectly reflected in the Father and Son relationship, and God's plan was for the beauty of Agape to also be reflected in the marriage relationship.

You will learn how Satan marred it all by introducing "Eros", a selfish, false kind of love-making it the default type of "love" in human beings. You will also read how God has gone about to restore Agape in His people. As I read, I sometimes felt uncomfortable, as it's not pleasant to admit that we are by nature selfish, self-seeking and self-centered. But if you're willing to swallow your discomfort and read on, you'll find there's hope of restoration, and a renewed vision for your relationships. You won't view your marriage the same way after reading this and you will have gained a new appreciation of God, who is truly Agape.

Marlise Scheider, Argentina