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1. Revelation of the FatherAgapeDec 20, 20172425
2. How Do You ReadAgapeDec 20, 20171210
3. The Death of the CrossAgapeDec 20, 20171050
4. My Beloved SonAgapeDec 20, 20171313
1. The Duracell TreeIdentity WarsDec 31, 20172025
2. The Fountain of LifeIdentity WarsDec 31, 20171322
3. Near to the Heart of GodIdentity WarsDec 31, 20171448
4. The Family KingdomIdentity WarsDec 31, 20171032
1. The QuestDivine Pattern of LifeDec 31, 20171743
2. The Fallen AppleDivine Pattern of LifeDec 31, 20171831
3. Standing on the Moon Clothed with the SunDivine Pattern of LifeDec 31, 20171244
4. Spiritual Map and CompassDivine Pattern of LifeDec 31, 20171053
I Cannot ExpressIdentity Wars FeedbackJan 01, 20181946
Emotional HealingIdentity Wars FeedbackJan 01, 20181944
Changed our livesIdentity Wars FeedbackJan 01, 20181751
Truly AmazingIdentity Wars FeedbackJan 01, 20181776
Questions AnsweredIdentity Wars FeedbackJan 01, 20181773
Absolute GemIdentity Wars FeedbackJan 01, 20181836
A must read for allIdentity Wars FeedbackJan 01, 20181789
Who are you really? Do you know?Identity Wars FeedbackJan 01, 20181704
Identity Message Brings FreedomIdentity Wars FeedbackJan 01, 20181289
1. Our FatherWisdom of GodJan 01, 20181516
Greatly Enjoyed Life MattersLife MattersJan 01, 20181736
2. Sovereign of AllWisdom of GodJan 01, 20181500
3. The Wisdom of GodWisdom of GodJan 01, 20181379
A masterpiece describing a proved and working formulaDivine Pattern of Life FeedbackJan 04, 20181134
First Rays of LightMy BelovedJan 07, 20181720
AGAPE masterfully exposes the greatest deception of all timeAgape FeedbackJan 10, 20181189
This book Agape is a must readAgape FeedbackJan 10, 20182275
Deeply Touched by My BelovedMy BelovedJan 11, 20181825
Wisdom of God explains in detail the Father and Son RelationshipWisdom of GodJan 13, 20181161
Translator Transformed by Original LoveOriginal LoveJan 14, 20181772
Is the Christian view of God alienating Asia from the gospel?Agape FeedbackJan 18, 20181139
Wonderful Practical Family PrinciplesLife MattersJan 19, 20181269
You won't view your marriage the same way after reading thisOriginal LoveJan 19, 20181155
Short but excellent exposeWisdom of GodJan 20, 20181182
Refreshing Simple Style with Beautiful Deeper GospelAgape FeedbackMar 02, 20181111
Amazing Insights into God's Dealing with PeopleAgape FeedbackMar 02, 20181178
Simple approach building biblical foundations and framework on Character of GodAgape FeedbackMar 04, 20181257
Hitting areas few have touchedAgape FeedbackMar 06, 20181300
A deep read that even a new Christian can graspAgape FeedbackMar 08, 20181375
Sharing Hitch Hikers Guide to the UniverseResponses and FeedbackMar 22, 20181444
Profound Personal ImpactAgape FeedbackApr 11, 20181654
Refreshing Approach to the ScripturesAgape FeedbackOct 02, 20181672
Absolutely eloquent summaryWisdom of GodJun 04, 20191382
Fantastic BookActs of Our Gentle God FeedbackJul 29, 20191266
Simple Format Explaining the Character of GodActs of Our Gentle God FeedbackJul 29, 20193274
A simple yet thought provoking readActs of Our Gentle God FeedbackJul 29, 2019956
Absolutely loved this book!Acts of Our Gentle God FeedbackJul 29, 2019935
This is the book for youActs of Our Gentle God FeedbackJul 29, 20191266
A Unique book that will help everyone in their relationshipsComforter FeedbackNov 27, 2019885
This is an important book for all Christian couplesComforter FeedbackNov 28, 2019925
This book is honest and transparent in dealing with sexual issuesComforter FeedbackNov 29, 2019976
Life-Changing Light Shone Upon the Cross of ChristCross Examined FeedbackDec 13, 2019959
A Completely Fresh Point of ViewComforter FeedbackDec 24, 2019911
The first book that I have read that I wished it never endedMy BelovedApr 21, 2020820
A refreshing kick start of hopeIdentity Wars FeedbackMay 29, 2020605
untied the Gordian knott of the world view on GodsAgape FeedbackMay 29, 2020656
Harmonises so many difficult apparent contradictions within the bibleAgape FeedbackMay 29, 2020824
Simply written and contrastedOriginal LoveMay 29, 20201041
A fantastic formula that unlocked so many difficult paradoxesDivine Pattern of Life FeedbackMay 29, 2020672
I felt so moved, yet so challengedCross Examined FeedbackMay 29, 2020613
The story of Genesis and the Great Controversy theme in simple layman languageWisdom of GodMay 29, 2020638
I fell in love with the real Jesus in a more real wayMy BelovedMay 29, 2020642
Turned my life aroundIdentity Wars FeedbackJun 15, 2020856
Such Fundamental ConceptsIdentity Wars FeedbackJul 09, 2020797
Who killed the Firstborn of Egypt?Explaining the Violent Stories of the BibleSep 08, 2020982
Servant to SonIdentity Wars FeedbackSep 30, 2020649
I didn't want this book to endAgape FeedbackNov 03, 2020673
Must we hate the people we know to be disciples of Jesus?Explaining the Violent Stories of the BibleFeb 10, 20211030
How is it that blasphemy against the Father and the Son can be forgiven, but not blasphemy against the Holy Spirit?Explaining the Violent Stories of the BibleApr 06, 20212180
Worth and Value ('Identity Wars' Review)Identity Wars FeedbackJul 30, 2021659
Security of a Loving Relational Kingdom ('The Wisdom of God' Review)Wisdom of GodAug 16, 2021406
Journey of Faith ('Faith Journey' Review)Faith Journey FeedbackAug 20, 2021876
Reconciled (Review of 'The Nearness of God')Responses and FeedbackOct 25, 2021859
Sow in the Mind Seeds of Bible Truth (Review of 'How do you read?')Responses and FeedbackNov 11, 2021617
Are these actions of God to be literally understood?Explaining the Violent Stories of the BibleNov 12, 2021910
The Badge of Christianity (Cross Examined Review)Cross Examined FeedbackDec 11, 2021552
Killing those who looked in the ark in 1 Samuel 6:19Explaining the Violent Stories of the BibleFeb 03, 2022480
What about using injurious force to protect others?Explaining the Violent Stories of the BibleMar 01, 2022336
Testimony of the Apostolic Church Against Christians Participating in WarExplaining the Violent Stories of the BibleMar 06, 2022338
The Day I Found God (Identity Wars Review)Identity Wars FeedbackMar 24, 2022493
The Desire of my Life ('Desire of Ages' Review)Responses and FeedbackApr 01, 2022302
Cross Examined Review (When we suffer, He suffers)Cross Examined FeedbackApr 17, 2022454
Passover means Protecting, not Deciding not to KillExplaining the Violent Stories of the BibleMay 19, 2022507
Sexuality at the End of Time ('Comforter' Reflection)Comforter FeedbackMay 25, 2022599
Chronos Insight in the book "As You Judge"Responses and FeedbackJul 20, 2022300
Human Love vs 'Original Love'Original LoveJul 29, 2022378
Lessons from the Reformation on Liberty and Order (By D'Aubigne)Explaining the Violent Stories of the BibleAug 16, 2022306
It's Making Sense (Identity Wars review by Mildred)Identity Wars FeedbackNov 28, 2022153
Shared Identity Wars with Mom (Janet in Kenya)Identity Wars FeedbackNov 30, 2022155
I Wasn't Aware of This (By Margaret)Responses and FeedbackDec 09, 2022151
God's Love to MeIdentity Wars FeedbackDec 09, 2022129
A Poem to the Virtuous Wife at the End of TimeOriginal LoveDec 17, 2022275
This is It! This is What I have been Looking ForLife MattersJan 10, 2023180
What is the "Wine of the wrath" of Babylon's false teachings?Explaining the Violent Stories of the BibleFeb 08, 202377
New Booklet - "Did God Kill Jesus?"Explaining the Violent Stories of the BibleFeb 10, 202344
Life in Christ (The Science of Salvation)Responses and FeedbackFeb 13, 202397
Divine Love (Bible Study)Bible StudiesFeb 21, 202389
Two Trees in the Garden of Eden (Bible Study)Bible StudiesFeb 21, 2023122